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Top 3 Spring Activities to do With Your Pup

Spring is finally here and after a long winter, your pups are probably dying to get outside and enjoy that spring breeze. No more snow and cold; and no more staying outside and hopefully less rain! Spring has arrived and now’s the time to take advantage of the great weather! Fortunately there are many things you can do with your pup during spring!

Here are a few of our favourite activities to do with our pups during spring:


our favourite activities to do with our pups


1. Off-Leash Fun:

One of our favourite things to do as dog owners is take our pups to the park and let them off the leash. Just let them run free and release all the adrenaline they’ve been holding in all winter. What we found extremely fun for both ourselves and our dogs is throwing around a ball or frisbee. At the end of the day we both return home tired but happy!


Off-Leash Fun


2. Water Activities:

We found that our dogs love spending time in and around water! You might get a little wet but they will get a real kick out of it. There is nothing like a little stream for your pups to jump into to cool off. Alternatively, if you’re near a pond (and your dog knows how to swim), you can take your pup out for a swim. They are sure to have the best time doing their own version of the doggy paddle.


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Water Activities


3. Nature Hike:

Living in the city might be a little tiresome. Urban life is great but we all should get away to the countryside for a bit. Spring is the perfect time to do that! We know that our dogs need to get away too and that’s why planning a nice, long hike with your pup can be the perfect activity for you and your pup! It’s great to get a nice change of scenery, breathing in fresh air in the great outdoors! Your pup is guaranteed to have a great time!


Spring is a great time for your pup to break out of that winter routine and get ready for summer! It’s also a great chance for them to get back into shape for those summer beach bods!


At Dogiz we make sure all our pups get the best of all seasons. Book today and give your pup a nice long walk for spring! Your first walk is completely FREE!

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