The go-to app for dog owners

Ok, all dog parents out there, listen up! 

How does a free app that can help you navigate your busy life as a pet parent sound to you? An app that can help provide a deep understanding of your pup’s health and wellness and also reward you for keeping active and healthy at the same time!

Yep, all in one. 

It’s called Dogiz and it will simplify all the complexities of having a dog by doing all the hard work for you.   

Healthier dogs are happier dogs

Our dogs are the best things in our lives. They bring so much joy to our life. It’s time we bring some joy to their lives too.  

How can we do it you might ask? By helping to keep them more active and healthier. It’s as simple as that. We, at Dogiz, believe healthier dogs are happier dogs. We want to help you raise a healthier dog by providing you with valuable information regarding their health and lifestyle, gain a better understanding of their needs and empower you with the knowledge to make better decisions for them. This way we can help all our dogs live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Created for dog people by dog people

Dogiz was created by two students who met in university and bonded over the struggles of raising their dogs whilst juggling a busy urban life. Their adorable dogs, Jack and Mufassa, quickly became Chief Dog Officer & Chief Treat Eater and the rest, as they say, is dogstory! 

Keep your dog fit and earn Dogiz coins

Dogiz allows you to stay on top of your pup’s health by monitoring and keeping them active, happy and healthy. All you need to do is keep your dog fit, track your daily walks together, compare their fitness levels to other pups in the neighbourhood and… earn Dogiz coins at the same way! 

The coins you earn can be redeemed in our Dogiz shop as rewards or discounts for products and services your dog needs such as cool toys, luxury treats, premium food brands and pet care services like dog walking, dog sitting, dog boarding, doggy daycare, grooming, online training and much more! Plus, for every mile you walk with your dog, we will donate one meal to a dog shelter. It’s a win-win.      

And that’s not all. 

With Dogiz you can schedule an online video call with one of our vets at a time that works for you and…are you ready? In case you’re concerned about your dog’s gastro health, you can just send a pic of your dog’s poop to our AI Dr Poop, let him have a look and tell you if you need to be concerned or not. Yes, you’ve read that right. The first ever digital gastro analysis of your dog’s poop!  

So, who’s a good pup?  Who’s a good pup? Who’s a good pup owner? 

That’s right! You are! 

You’re only a paw away from downloading Dogiz and helping your dog become healthier and happier.

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