Pet-tech in the PAW of your hand!

Dr. Poop

Are you concerned about your dog’s gastro health? Unsure if something doesn’t quite look right? Let Dr Poop have a look and it will let you know if everything is ok.

Get ahead of any gastric issues by sending a pic of your dog’s poop to our AI doctor!

The first ever digital gastro analysis of your dog’s poop. Gain insight into your dog’s gastro health and earn Dogiz coins along the way!

Fitness tracker

Get more active with your dog and start tracking your walks. Keep your dog fit and earn Dogiz coins at the same time.

In addition, for every mile you walk with your dog, we will donate one meal to a dog shelter! Start walking with PAWpurse with our Miles for Meals program!

See how your dog’s fitness levels compare to other pups in your neighbourhood through the Dogiz leaderboard. The coins you earn can be redeemed as rewards or discounts in the Dogiz shop!

Remember, a little jog keeps a happy dog!

Stay healthy & get
rewarded for staying active

Stay on top of your dog’s health, monitor what matters most to you and earn Dogiz coins along the way!

Complete in-app challenges to keep your pup fit and active and get rewarded as you go!

Gain invaluable insight into your dog’s health and wellness. An active pup is a healthy pup. A healthy pup is a happy pup.

Each time you log information about your dog, you earn valuable Dogiz coins which you can spend in our Dogiz shop!

Download the Dogiz app now!

Dogiz innovative data driven approach helps improve the health and wellness of your dog!