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Online vet

Sometimes it can be hard to find a time to take your dog to the vet, so we decided to make it easier for you to get the help you need, when you need it!

Schedule in an online video call with one of our veterinary professionals to stay on top of your dog’s health. Find a time that works for you and use our simple in-app video calling with your pup to discuss any concerns or health issues you might have.

Dog food

Premium dog food at the click of a button! Use the Dogiz coins you have earned to get discounts on your dog food. Set up monthly subscriptions and sit back and relax as your dog’s food is delivered straight to your door.

We have a wide range of food for every type of dog! Not sure which food is right for your dog? Set up a call with our nutritionist expert to find the perfect recipe for your dog!

Pet care services

We offer a wide range of pet care services. Everything from dog walking, dog sitting, dog boarding, doggy daycare, grooming, online training and much more!

Use your Dogiz coins to get discounts on the services you need, whenever you need them!
Please note that services will differ according to location!**

Treats and toys

Why not spoil your pup with some well deserved treats or toys?! We have selected premium and luxury treats to ensure nutritional benefits and a very happy pup!

Find training toys or products to help ensure your dog is always having fun, even when you might not be around. Spend your Dogiz coins to get free treats or rewards from our Dogiz shop!

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