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I have some feedback about the app, who can I contact?
Can other users see my dog’s details?
How do I contact Dogiz customer support?
How can I upload a new payment method?
I have been charged the wrong amount, what do I do?
Will I receive an invoice?
Does Dogiz store my Credit/Debit card details?
Can I use Dogiz coins as discounts on purchases through the Dogiz shop?
How is payment taken and when?
I cannot upload or take a picture through the app. What should I do?
I am performing actions in the app like updating mood or tracking my walks, but the information doesn’t seem to be saved or updated. What can I do?
I am not receiving notifications from the app. What can I do?
Upon registering, I am not receiving the SMS with a code. What should I do?
I have a different technical issue, who should I contact?
I can’t order a service, what should I do?
Will the app work if I don’t have an internet connection?
My app keeps freezing/crashing, what should I do?
Where can I spend my Dogiz coins?
Is there a limit of coins I can earn or spend?
How do I earn Dogiz coins?
How do the Dogiz coins work?
I want to edit my dog’s profile, how do I do it?
Can I change my address in the app?
I just got a new dog! How do I add his/her details to the app?
How can I edit a memory?
Can I sync my calendar with my partner/family members?
Can I sync my calendar with my phone/google calendar?
Will I get a notification after scheduling an event in the Dogiz calendar?
How do I add an event in my calendar?
How is the score calculated?
What does the score say about my dog?
My score is below average, should I worry?
How does the Dogiz score work?
Can you link your Dogiz account with family or roommates?
How can I tell what the mood of my dog is and what it means?
Why do I need to update my dog’s mood?
Why should I update my dog’s weight?
How long should I be walking with my dog?
How do I start tracking the walk?
Why do I need to track my dog walks?
I got a ‘Healthy’ result from Dr. Poop, what should I do now?
I got an “Average” result from Dr. Poop, what should I do now?
I got an “Unhealthy” result from Dr. Poop, what should I do now?
Is Dr. Poop 100% accurate?
How much time does it take to get an answer from Dr. Poop?
How do I upload a picture to Dr. Poop?
Why is it important to monitor my dog’s gastro-health?
How does Dr. Poop work?
What do I do if there is a problem with my order or the food doesn’t arrive?
Can I use Dogiz coins to get a discount on my food?
How can I set up a recurring order/set up a subscription?
How do I know when I have successfully made a purchase, and what is my expected delivery date?
I am unsure which food is best suited to my dog, what should I do?
How can I purchase dog food through Dogiz?
Can I use Dogiz coins to get a discount on my services?
Where does Dogiz offer pet care services?
How does your boarding service work?
Are all Dogiz dog walkers certified?
My dog does not get along with other dogs, do you have the option for a private walking service?
What do you need to know about my dog?
Do I need to show any documentation regarding my dog?
How does handling of the keys work?
What if I need to cancel an order?
How is payment taken and when?
How much do services cost?
How do I know the walk happened?
What if my dog has certain special requirements or needs?
How do I place an order?
How many dogs are there per walk?
What if I have more than one dog?
Will I get the same dog walker every time?
Can I meet the dog walker before I start using the service?
Who will be walking my dog?
How can Dogiz help me learn more about my dog?
Why do I need to fill in the quiz?
Is it mandatory to fill the entire quiz?

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