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The Must Have App for all Pet Owners

Today’s world is encompassed by the use of apps. Apps have really become completely integrated in our day to day routine. It seems as if we use them for everything nowadays; to order takeaway, to order a taxi or an Uber, it’s all at the tips of our fingers. So why not be able able to order a professional dog walker as well?! That’s exactly why we created Dogiz!

There are so many reasons why Dogiz is a must have app for any pet owner! Aside from the variety of professional pet care services, the Dogiz app has innovative features that is necessary for every pet owner.

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Top 3 Dogiz Features:


Live Tracking:

At Dogiz we understand that giving your dog to someone else might be a bit nerve wracking, regardless of their level of professionalism. That’s why we’ve integrated a live tracking feature. We know that you’re always worried about your pup so to ease the worry you will receive notifications in real time when your pup has been picked up and dropped off. We also took it a step further and installed a live GPS tracking so you’re able able to follow your pup’s footsteps along their walk.


Dogiz Live Tracking


End of Walk Summary:

We know the health and happiness of your dog is most important. The common goal between us and the dog walker is to make sure your pup goes home safe, happy and tired! We also know you’re probably wondering how their walk went and if they’re okay. The end of walk summary ensures you don’t have to wonder no more. At the end of each walk, receive a detailed walk summary of how the walk was and see the route of where your pup walked!

Quick and Easy Payment

At Dogiz we know how inconvenient it may be to only pay your dog walker in cash. That’s why we made paying your dog walker more convenient! Now you can pay via credit/debit card when you make a booking. All payments at Dogiz are safe and secure and you receive a detailed invoice of all your orders straight to your email.


So what are you waiting for? Do you want to spoil your pup? Download today and receive your first walk free! At the press of a button a dog walker can be on their way to you! With Dogiz, even when you’re at work, you never have to miss a moment of your pup’s day.


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