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Meet Your Dog’s New Best Friend

Welcome to Dogiz!


If you’re here that means you have a dog, you really want a dog, or you love dogs and you’re not sure how to contain the love.

Don’t worry, we get it.

So, now that you’re here, you’re probably wondering, what is Dogiz?!

Well, for starters, Dogiz is an app. More specifically, Dogiz is an app that works with professional, licensed, and insured pet care providers; that offer any service you and your pet might need. From dog walking dog and catting sitting & boarding, to training and grooming, our pet care providers have it all!

Now how does it work? Simple.

Say you’re looking for a dog walker to come walk your dog on Tuesday afternoon.  First thing you would do is download Dogiz and sign up! Then you would connect with one of the service providers in your area. After speaking to your chosen service provider (and going on a free meet and greet), you can book any service you need. Just choose one of their quality service types and the dates and times by which you need, and a dog walker is on their way to you!

What’s even better is that if you’ve got an order that repeats daily or weekly, you can create that in the app as well. No need to be bothered to create those orders every time; just create them once and they are automatically updated for you.

Cool, right?

Schedule your first free walk today!

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It gets cooler. The Dogiz app has a ton of features for us obsessed pet owners.

We understand that your days are busy but that you’re always worried about your pup. To help ease the worry, Dogiz sends you a notification every time your pup has been picked up and dropped off.

But, that’s not all. When you open the app, you can track your dog’s walk LIVE. The Dogiz app has GPS tracking technology that allows you see when and where they are walking, and it’s all in real time. When the walk is done, you receive a detailed walk summary straight to your phone (accompanied with photos!) of how your pet is getting on. Did the dog poop? Did the dog enjoy playing in the park? It’s all in the walk summary!

It’s all really innovative.

But, why Dogiz?

Why use Dogiz as opposed to the kid next door or some random stranger looking to make a few extra quid? Well, it’s simple really.

Everything at Dogiz is not only convenient and flexible but also trustworthy, reliable, and professional. We know how important your dog is to you and we know how invaluable they are to your daily life. That’s why we only work with professional pet care providers, who make sure that each dog walker that comes by is properly trained, skilled to handle your pet, and is an expert when it comes to looking after your furry friend.

Sure, it might be easier to find someone else for a few quid less but can you really be certain that your dog will get a proper walk? Or that they’ll be reliable and come on time? Or that they’ll even treat your dog right? Working with professional pet care providers guarantees that there will always be someone on time or that they’ll even treat your pet right. We make sure to bring a new standard of professionalism to every pet care service.

Dogiz really is the best for your best friend!


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