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Let’s Take it Back to the Beginning

Why was Dogiz founded? And more importantly, why does Dogiz only work with established, licensed professional pet care providers?



Dogiz was founded by a duo of dog owners who struggled to find consistent and reliable solutions for their pets whilst they were out at work all day. They weren’t really comfortable trusting random teenage part-time dog walkers or relying on a neighbour or relative on a day to day basis. They were both uncomfortable by the idea that someone random would come to their house (when they weren’t at home) and take their dog out, without the slightest idea of what goes on during these walks. Mufasa’s dad (and one of the founders of Dogiz) got let down one too many times by a dog walker who cancelled at the last minute or even worse, didn’t bother showing up. There had to be a way to find a good dog walker that could be trusted 100% of the time.

Low and behold, there was.

After doing some research, Mufasa’s dad came across established professional pet care companies with teams of trained & licensed professionals that work together to provide quality, reliable, and trustworthy service 365 days a year.

These pet care providers are often a team of professionals who provide every type of services from dog sitting, dog boarding, doggy day care, cat visits and more! Each of these pet care professionals hold the knowledge, experience and training to ensure the highest standard of care for your pet. They have been extensively trained, specifically in the field, to ensure that they are able to handle any situation that comes their way.

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This is why professional pet care providers have become the foundation of Dogiz.

We guarantee that each pet care provider is licensed, vetted, and insured. We aren’t interested in working with anyone who doesn’t live up to this standard. Our pets are our life and we didn’t want to settle for anything less than the best of the best. Yes, you might be able to find a random teenager for cheaper, but are you really ready to trust them with your baby? Or a key to your house?! By working exclusively with professional pet care providers, we ensure that you no longer need to worry. Simply connect with a local company in your area, see their statistics, reviews & ratings, arrange a free ‘meet & greet’ and then book in any service you need in seconds through the Dogiz app.

As pet owners, we know that we can rely on each of our pet minders to arrive on time, to not lose our key, and most importantly, to treat our pups right! Whether you need a regular dog walk or are going away on holiday, Dogiz has a solution for you. By working closely with pet care providers, we can ensure that you are receiving the highest quality service that is out there.

At Dogiz we are creating a new standard of professionalism to provide you the best service for your pet!

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