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Dogiz is the first marketplace for professional pet care services to manage & grow their business.

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Design for any size
Dedicated Booking system
Full Staff & Client Management
Automatic Billing & Invoicing
Connect with new clients
Full financial reporting
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Specifically designed for any size business

Whether you work alone or have up to 25 employees, our platform is moulded to specifically fit all your needs, from A-Z! Just create your profile & add your full menu
of services & prices.

Dedicated Booking system

Your customers just need to download the app for free to be able to book in their services. Receive all your incoming bookings straight through the app and assign tasks to your employees. Clients get live updates when bookings are accepted & completed!

Full Staff & Client Management

Manage all of your employees schedules and assign them their daily tasks.
Keep track of your employees progress and upcoming schedules. Communicate with customers, send pictures, reports, chat and much more!

Automatic Billing & Invoicing

Fully customizable billing options with automated invoices sent to customer’s e-mails in your company’s name. Assign specific clients one off or permanent discounts through the app and just let us know how often you would like to bill your clients.

Connect with new clients
in your area

Grow your business and dramatically increase your revenues by connecting with customers in your area who are looking for professional pet care services.

Full Financial Reporting

Receive full financial reports allowing you to monitor the growth of your company & the productivity of your employees & customers. Simplified automated accounting to make your business more efficient.

Management Website Coming Soon.

A dedicated professional to assist & support you. Forever.

24/7 customer support for both your company and your clients. If anyone has any issues or problems, we are here to help in anyway we can. From Sign up to onboarding to helping you scale your business,
we are here for you!

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What our clients say
about us

K9 Adventures

”My customers love using the app and it saves me so much time on invoicing!”

Premier Dog Walkers

“Dogiz helped us scale from around 20 dogs a day, to over 60 a day!”

House of hounds hackney

“Dogiz makes our lives so much easier! The team at Dogiz have been brilliant and super helpful with all my needs!”